The Hungarian Vintage Glider Club (HVGC) was formed in 2014 by vintage glider pilots to jointly preserve, cherish and propagate the vast history of Hungarian Gliding History. We know that this history is very extensive and yet it is getting forgotten. Therefore we feel as our duty to raise awareness of this knowledge because we believe a great deal can be learned from that. Our members research the knowledge and we jointly put it together, categorize it digitally to assure its preservation. The knowledge is formed from materials as written documents, photos, memories and aircrafts as well. The digital world makes us possible to spread this knowleadge and reach a great number of people.

As we are people who are flying vintage planes we know joy they can give and how much they can teach as. We wish to share this with many people, especially with youngsters so they can not only imagine part of the history but also can experience it.

For us a vintage plane is much more than history. We know that each and every one of them can teach us something. Each has it's own peculiarity and history and flying it provides a unique experience. When somebody learns the history of planes, works on them, helps to restore them, he/she also get to understand the evolution of aviation as well and through that can flying really be understood.