Welcome at the webpage of the Hungarian Vintage Glider Club and the Hungarian Vintage Glider Sport Foundation

Our club was formed in 2014 to group vintage glider pilots and enthusiasts to exchange and structure knowledge, materials and experience in the aim of their preservation for the future. We welcome everyone with similar interest to join us.

In time our club has grown and to satisfy our new goals in 2016 we created the Hungarian Vintage Glider Sports Foundation (HVGSF). This organization aims to collect historical material from Hungarian aviation and assure their preservation. For that we intend to reach out to the public to raise funds to restore, preserve and exhibit these material which comprise documents, media, sailplanes and power planes which have historical significance.

Take at look at our webpage and Facebook site where we report on our projects and how we progress.



Written on 05/08/2016, 21:09 by sandor.plosz
After many decades and tremendous effort the only M-24 aircraft (original registration HA-NAN) to...
Written on 27/02/2016, 14:19 by sandor.plosz
After so many years, the most successful Hungarian glider ever, the Nemere is going to be reconstructed....